Turkish Biopharmaceutical Platform was established by IEIS

IEIS Chairman Nezih Barut:

"Biotechnology will transform the Turkish pharmaceutical sector into a global player"

IEIS, the leading organization of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, established Turkish Biopharmaceuticals Platform to increase the industry's competitiveness in the field of biotechnology and contribute to the development of this field in Turkey. IEIS Chairman Nezih Barut said "The development and production of biotechnological drugs in our country is very important. This will make it easier for patients to access these medicines, make a significant contribution to the country's economy by reducing foreign trade deficit and build up technological know-how. Biotechnology will transform our industry into a global one."

Nezih Barut said "In the whole world, herbal and chemical medicines production is being replaced by biotechnological drugs rapidly within the scope of new developments in science and technology. The rate of using of the biotechnological drugs in the world has exceeded 20% and it is continuing to increase. There is a similar situation in our country. In Turkey, the total market size of biotechnological drugs in 2016 has reached 3.40 billion, which accounted for about 16.5% of the total value of the prescription drug market. The field of biotechnological drugs is quite new for our country. The human resources and know-how of our industry is still limited in this area. However, our companies are making high-cost investments that will last for years with a long-term perspective. They are working highly to strengthen our country in a strategic field like biotechnology."

He added "The public support for R&D and biotechnology investments to compete effectively with our competitors in this late-stage field is very important."

Turkish Biopharmaceuticals Platform

The Platform consists of 18 members being and not being IEIS member. It aims to continue working in 5 main areas: legislation, incentives, qualified workforce, pre-competition cooperation, communication.

The Platform plans to do the following work in this framework; 

- Identifying problems and developing solutions for biotechnological drugs,
- To make efforts to benefit more from the incentive mechanisms,
- To be effective in creating the appropriate legislative environment for our country's needs,
- Developing close cooperation with public and academic institutions,
- Boosting health professionals’ knowledge and awareness related to biopharmaceuticals,
- Collaborating with national and international NGOs,
- Organizing national and international events.

Platform members include:

Abdi İbrahim, Adeka, Arven, Atabay, Centurion, Dem, EİP Eczacıbaşı, Hasbiotech, İlko, Koçak, Liba, Mustafa Nevzat, Nobel, Onko, Sandoz, Teva, TR Pharm, Turgut