Current Approaches from R&D to Regulation in Biosimilars Symposium

"Current Approaches from R&D to Regulation in Biosimilars Symposium" was held online at the same time as BIOEXPO held between 8-9 April 2021. On April 8, 2021, IEIS was a speaker at the panel "Regulation, Project Support Programs and Intellectual Rights in Biosimilars". In addition, on April 9, 2021, IEIS moderated the panel titled " Where Are We in Biosimilar Development Projects? Obstacles and Opportunities".

The panel, led by IEIS Board Member and President of the Turkish Biopharmaceuticals Platform (TBP), Murat Barlas, included some members of the TBP, which gathers under its umbrella the companies investing in biotechnological drugs in Turkey. In this context, Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals CEO Suha Taspolatoglu, Atabay Pharmaceuticals R&D and Innovation Director Dogan Taskent, Dem Pharmaceuticals Chairman Deniz Demir, Koçak Pharmaceuticals Foreign Relations and Business Development Director Cem Koçak and Nobel Pharmaceuticals General Manager Hakan Şahin participated as panelists.

The panel expressed the problems and urgent needs of the sector in the field of biotechnological drugs. In this context, it was stated that the legislation to be prepared taking into account the country conditions for biosimilar drugs and the appropriate ecosystem, which will consist of an effective incentive system, should be established and implemented in no time.